Gym Etiquette

Two words rarely seen together. For some people the work place is there second home, other the local cafe. Mine, is the gym.  I am fortunate to be a member of a few gyms, two/three rowing gyms and two ‘normal’. I don’t know what ‘normal’ is anymore. My rowing gyms are filled with familiar faces, friends, coaches and competition. The University gym and my local gym in Manchester are normal public gym for the average Joe or Josephine; these are filled with a total mix of people. I have found that there are five types of people:

1.       The Newbie: the person who looks round like a lost lamb and overly conscious thinking that people are looking at them all the time.

2.       The Gym Junkie: The big guy who looks like they have done steroids! Usually makes a great big Billy goat gruff like noise whilst lifting all the weights available to them….not nice.

3.       The Cocoon: The gym veteran, reminds me of the scene from the film cocoon when old people get loads of energy and start working out. They have been going to this gym since the war, and they are scarily fit.

4.       The Athlete: Top to toe in their sponsored gear, they totally know what they are doing (usually a book/diary telling them).

5.       Mr Vain:  The one guy in the lowest cut V neck t-shirt baby gap can offer!

Gyms are such odd things. I know some people that pay just to go on a treadmill! £250+ a year just to do something you can do for free but in a stuffy room with machinery that you rely on yet regularly breaks down.

Then there are the changing rooms. Every gym has that one person who always gets totally naked and they do so for far too long; even at private gyms where you know everyone. And if you can’t think of who that is in your gym…’s probably you!

But as different as everyone is that goes to the gym, the same goal is shared. Everyone wants to get fitter, healthier or go just because it’s something to do. And it’s that same aim that drives everyone together.

As long as we don’t end up looking like or acting like this:


Then we will be ok


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